Tuesday, July 10, 2007


I'm back.

It's been a wonderful 10 days in the land where football is known as calcio (and I'm reminded instantly of the missed opportunity to visit San Siro - not that it slipped by me, but I chose not to take it up. My bad, I know).

The wonderful hospitality of the Besana people have touched and warmed our hearts.

I believe I have received the first and last standing ovations in my life. Ever.

The scenic Lago di Como and the Bellagio town, and Lago di Lecco were breath-taking - the noisy ferry ride was pretty worth it.

My (and Benjamin's) hosts and the extended family went out of their way to make us feel as comfy as possible - even a million packs of 7D mangoes wouldn't be enough to thank them! (Or maybe it will....)

And as this kind of trips go, one gets to interact with others more than the usual band practices do - existing friendships stregthened, new friendships forged.

Like our President has said, it will never happen again - what's left are our memories of min. $0.50 euros (approx. S$1) entrance fee for public toilets; the long days and the short nights(sunrise begins at 5am; sunsets begin at 9pm and dark skies reign only after 10!); the swarm after swarm of Navigli mosquitoes that left there marks on everyone (and made the smoker the most unlikely popular person to be with); the grand Duomos (or is it Duom-i?) and churches and cathedrals whenever we went to tour around...

Will try to come up with a aggregated account of the trip - TRY because the last time I wanted to do something similar, it "had head no tail."

Meanwhile, it's back to reality.

And, Transformers rocks!

Signing off...................... It's still so surreal..............

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