Tuesday, October 30, 2007


"Subject: Accepted: ARF 2007 abstract (for international presenters)

Dear Colleague,

I'm happy to tell you that your abstract for ARF2007 is accepted for presentation. Pls. note the following for your necessary action in order to facilitate our preparatory work.

1) Pls. indicate whether or not you will come to HKG to present in ARF 2007 by Nov 9, 2007 the latest. If I do not hear from you after that date, your paper will be automatically withdrawn.

2) Should you need an official letter for visa / travel grant application, pls. let me know as soon as you can so that the document will be emailed to you in time.

3) ARF is a forum for only LSHK members to share ideas. If you are not yet an LSHK member, pls. fill in the LSHK membership form (in .pdf file) and fax it to me (Attn: Vicky Man) at 1-852-3411-7590 by Nov 9, 2007 . If you are a student, a copy of your valid student card should also be faxed. The .pdf form can be downloaded from
http://lc.hkbu.edu.hk/arf/registration.php .

4) Accommodation information can be found from the ARF2007 website (
http://lc.hkbu.edu.hk/arf/accommodation.php). I'm sorry that you are responsible for booking a room yourself. Pls. make your booking as soon as you can because room availability is not guaranteed. The Guesthouse of the Chinese University of HKG will only keep the rooms till Nov 2. If you'd like
to stay there, pls. contact Prof. YAP Foongha direct by email

5) A full paper is not required before ARF2007. Should the session chair and committee decide to include your paper in the Forum Proceedings after your presentation, you'll be informed by a separate email *after* ARF2007.

I hope the information is clear. Should you have further inquiries, pls. feel free to contact me.

On behalf of the ARF Organizing Committee, I thank you for your interest in presenting in ARF2007. We all look forward to meeting you in Hong Kong!!

best, Vicky (

This smells of both good and bad tidings.

IF ONLY I personally knew the Chief-of-Army.

Otherwise, it might take me more than a miracle to be there.

Signing off.................. Academically academic.............

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