Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Back, and Gone again...

For the first time, I can actually empathise with those who had tried, in some way or another, to get out of in-camp to attend to their matters.

Because I've joined that very league - I guess it takes one to know one.

As I was trodding down the long windy path out to the bus stop, the sense of guilt suddenly came as if the rain drops peltering on me had been soaked in concentrated Guilt solution beforehand. Especially when the rest has to share my burden till I'm back.

It's going to be a mad rush next week. Always a race against time, lack of resources and tempers.

I'm just glad to see everyone again.



Hopefully I'll be able to clear Customs w/o any problems.

Think I'll need to get truckloads of 老婆饼 to bring back hurhur.

Signing off.............. Miss my cuppa....................

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