Sunday, December 16, 2007



Gotten food poisoning in HK that left me barely in a human state - vomitted thrice and visited the loo no less than 10 times on Monday. Was rendered unavailable for the outfield exercise, which was probably the first time in a long time. Gotten plenty of rest but was perpetually unsettled by the weather.

It was a rush to out-process in the end - many unpleasant stuff actually, but its the same old stuff every year anyway. Its pretty a massive task to handle, meet and please 130 different agendas at a single instance. In fact, one of the bestest things that occurred was probably the stayover on Thursday night, after everyone else had left - the few of us who opted to stay back had booze from the mess and leftovers from the goodie bags for supper, plus cards and plenty of laughs till 2am.

Family Day at the SDC on Friday was pretty alright. The young ones found the mini version of the Standard Obstacle Course fun.

Woke up unusually early on Saturday, and rushed down to Lido to catch Good Luck Chuck. Despite the overwhelmingly poor reviews, I kinda enjoyed the show. Pretty funny, plus I could relate to the main characters, seeing myself as an amalgam of Chuck and Cam (though I haven gotten my pants ripped off by a car door lol). Found myself loitering around Isetan and ended up succumbing to the evil known as the Sale, though the damage could have been far more substantial. Went for the concert, but left after ten because the body was showing signs of illness again.

Heading out again for another concert soon, to support another friend - it's an artsy-fartsy December as there are a few more performances to catch, some as a show of support, some for my personal pleasure. Pretty looking forward to Thursday evening =)

Signing off................ Rush to wait, wait to rush...................

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