Friday, December 14, 2007

If you are interested...

This is for a very good friend of mine.

This group of young people, who call themselves Dominant 7th, have gone quite some distance. Check out their website.

In conjunction with the launch of their CD, they are holding two concerts, on the 14th (Friday) and the 15th (Saturday) of December, 2000 hrs, at their church (Queenstown Chinese Methodist Church - extremely easy to locate and convenient, as it's right next to Commonwealth MRT station.).

Their commitment is unparalleled - practices on every other Saturday afternoons, without fail, rain or shine. (Addendum: I mean EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON, the time when alot of other people are out there having fun or chillin' out...)

The title of the concert ("Till the Storm Ceases") kinda depicts the arduous journey that the group has come thus far.

So, if you are interested in Christian Contemporary Choral pieces, and wanna show your support for this group of passionate and aspired young people, don't procrastinate - click on the poster picture above for contact details (Tickets are free).

Alternatively, I can help in some way in getting tickets, if you are real shy to call the number given.

Don't say I never say - I'm going on the 15th, and you know what it means.

(Just kidding.)

What are you waiting for?

Signing off............. 直到风暴过去。。。。。。。

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