Sunday, December 30, 2007


... and so. band camp ended.

Must be the weirdest band camp I've ever attended.

No, it's not bad. Not bad at all - revisiting som familiar tunes, plus trying out for the first time the 50-min symphony piece for the upcoming concert; laughing at the antics of this gal who never runs out of words, literally; extreme 2-on-2 football in the CFA lobby (that probably led to a cracked heel that went deep into the flesh - still hurting and hobbling); supper walks to FS; lunch after breaking camp (ironically, first time that so many ppl were able to have a last get-together before going home); a night of jammin' to Metallica (albeit with the aid of spirits lol); K-ed, TWICE in EIGHTEEN hours...

Just that, maybe I've aged. Or maybe, the band has out-grown me.


“美味关系”is making me SO HUNGRY!

The weather's picking up these few days - hardly any rain for the past week (at least for those places that I had been).


Tasks for this week - (a) Rewriting Argument-Asymmetry; (b) CSE "Wh-" and "ah"; (c) Vietnamese Wh-questions. Plus 'handouts." It's gettin' real serious...




Signing off................ 来,就一笑而过吧。。。。。

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