Monday, December 31, 2007


It felt like both Mr. 2007 and Ms. 2008 wanna come in by the back door, unnoticed.

Was late for the impromptu tea session. Yokes made peppermint cheesecake which tasted great! Went around Marina Square and gotten some stuff. The gals and a guy left and the remaining 3 guys decided to head for Orchard. Had dinner, watched AVP 2 and used up the last of my Bucks at Spins before leaving for home.

Observation: Crowds seem to have shifted from Orchard to Marina area, probably because of the fireworks. Nonetheless, security seemed to be tighter at Orchard. Uniformed policemen patrolling (seen a group of foreign workers stopped by a smaller group of mata outside Taka), plus the erection of temporary
Panopticons seemingly to overlook the more strategic parts of Orchard. Over at Marina, there were uniformed ppl as well, but they were from Cisco, and they were more like standing there and waiting for things to happen.

Which brings me to the thought of a possible sabotage at one of these busy places - the damage, the loss, the impact. Commented to a friend that someone might pull off a Benazir amidst the unsuspecting crowds; can't imagine the devastation that might have resulted. Not that the crowds are to blame, but just think of it as a situation where we are just sitting ducks waiting to be fired upon. And the aim is to increase the population to 6.5 mil!

Oh, is it the season to make resolutions and all? Probably later; I'm gonna try catch Michael Clayton in town...

Signing off................ A Leap Year ahead..............

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