Monday, January 07, 2008

some Violence, some Action...

Starting this week, I think its movies galore - the Golden Globes (and subsequently the Oscars) are round the corner, so what better time to catch some good shows?

(I admit I'm a Hollywood junkie - is that good or bad?)

So, its gonna be Eastern Promises (Showing in cinemas already) first:

Next, its Linger (Opening 10th Jan):

Towards the end of the month, we have Atonement (24th Jan), starring the absolutely gorgeous Keira-Bend-it-like-Beckham-Knightley:

Of course, Chinese New Year - there's Stephen Chow's CJ07 and Jay Chou's Kung Fu Dunk. But I'm getting more excited over two other films that will be opening the week after CNY (Go check out when is that. Hah!). First, P.S. I Love You:

Last but not least, Juno:

It's gonna be the period of the sleeper hits....

PS: Take care Di...

PPSS: Thanks for your concern (I know you are STILL reading haha) - and your respect! =)


Signing off.................. probably more TEARS..................

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