Saturday, January 05, 2008


Thursday - Band prac, Extreme 2-on-2 (AGAIN! LOL), supper, then back to grad room [It's been quite awhile since the stooges spent the night over together]. Prior to that, some sort of a crisis broke out, and it kinda reminded me of my own crisis a few months ago. Great that there was a bunch of helpful souls around helping out this time round - it's always heartwarming and comforting to know that ppl do care, and care to show they care.

Friday - Stooges bought coffee for me in the morning after failing to wake me up - thanks dudes. Haven had such a long Friday session for quite some time, and I just drifted off towards the end. Headed down south for the (original) Trio's first meeting up in '08. As usual, funny, corny (or maybe only me was corny), polite, as always LOL. Someone's gonna plan a K-session for the next Trio gathering - could I say NO? *grins*

Satruday - Fell asleep in the wee hours amidst the final 20 mins of Il Mare; back in the room after midday to try and grind out something. The weekend seems peaceful...

Sometimes, stuff here is meant to be read light-heartedly; other times, the writings need alot of imagination (and fantasia) to make sense...

Signing off............. Was I out of my head, was I out of my mind..............

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