Thursday, February 14, 2008


It would have been a great show, if not for me falling asleep constantly. Argh.

Missed out on some very nice parts.

Still, a great show nonetheless.

The facades of the male being stripped down to its inner core. The "childish," "cheeky" mentality, the 小弟who follows the 大哥blindly, the 大哥who's acting tough on the outside but internally fragile and undecided.

There were a few scenes that probably tested the limits of a non-R(A) show. No nudity, but a simulated attempt at self-pleasuring (albeit less than 2 secs) probably caught alot of people by surprise.

Think I'd witnessed one fo the most exciting shadow plays ever. Hah!

And the post-performance talk was a much better session than 《暗恋》's.


PS: Thanks Jieying for the yummy yums choc cake, and Siti for the box of Ferraro Rocher =)

Signing off.............. 我又闪避了。。。。。。

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