Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Flick of all the Romantic/Chick Flicks

Had not caught something bordering on cheesy and "non-typcial" for some time.

Had to catch this before it's taken off the screens.

Once again, its proven that alot of times, reviews can't really be trusted - sometimes, one just has to go with the heart/flow/heartflow...

After all, a movie that threatens to torture your tear ducts one scene and then draw out your bellows of laughter the very next one can't do no wrong, eh? (Albeit, had this formulaic recurssion happens just one or two times more, thw show would have been, well, more repetitive than anything.)

Addendum: Two seats to my right had been a lady (no one in between us, or at least, no physical body.). She started tearing and sniffing 15 mins in the movie and didn't stop till the end. Almost offered her some tissue but in the end didn't, which someone (-XY-) pointed out that I really shouldn't have, 'cos its rude. I was more like hestitating 'cos I wasn't sure how to put the first few words across. This phobia is really getting out of hand...

On second thoughts, I should stop psyching up myself that I might drop a tear or two when I watch a show that shakes the earth, rattles the skies and makes the sea waves roll. 'Nuff said.

Sometimes, one's dwelling on something long gone can get extremely frustrating to the point of annoying for those around oneself, especially when others are trying to move on and having to drag one along (almost always unsuccessful).

From a slightly more male-centric point of view, I kinda pity harry Connick Jr.'s character. Its kinda implicit that he's gotten the big L written all over him, having females repelling him in general.

异国恋给人的影像,似乎都充满着美好,甜蜜的画面,两人在最偶然,最不可能的情况下碰见,相恋,然后发生恋情,往往都以美好的结局收尾。是不是身在异国,就会有更高的机率发展一场轰轰烈烈,又或者是甜甜密密的感情呢?又或者,在异国萌芽出的感情是在一个脱离了平日无庸,单调的生活,参与者也就能够把自己和他人深陷在自己构想出,或是一个假设出的完美世界; 而一回到平淡现实与真实的自己,这段感情因而经不起时间的考验?优美的一切只有在幻想里或者是短暂性的 - 这也就是现实所教导人们的往往是最残忍最令人心痛,但也是如铁一般不动摇的事实。

I wrap up with a couple of lines from Daniel's explicit confession to Holly a the restaurant before he frustratingly walked off:

"I am tired of being the shoulder...
I want to be someone else's Gerry...
I don't want to be an invisible man."

Signing off................. I wish...................

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