Thursday, February 28, 2008

What's in a Name?

Caught Juno upon a pleasant but unexpected invite from a friend. Pretty glad that I've caught something more uplifting and original (there are tonnes of adapted screenplays recently, or has it been like that since, like forever? Nothing against adaptations, but I don't wanna be forever comparing whether the book or the film is better).

Funny + witty stuff for 90+ mins. Perfect way to pass a weekday afternoon.

Cathay's seats are tops in terms of comfort - the angle of incline allows one to be comfortably laid back.

I (not-so-) secretly wished that I had been of Juno's stature when I was 16. Totally cool.

Anyway, what's in the name

First of all, it has its roots in Roman mythology - Juno being the, amongst other titles, patron goddess protector and special counsellor of Rome, patroness of marraige. Given that, its perhaps deliberate that the main protagonist is named Juno.

If you were to choose, whose name will you be?

Signing off................ What's next..............

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