Sunday, February 17, 2008

"The part does not belong to the actor..."

"... the actor belongs to the part."

Clearing the old place is about halfway done. Halfway meaning transferring what is wanted over to the new place. There's still the "debris" to be cleared (*groans*) and the unpacking (*GROANS*).

Packed a memorable part of the past today - consisted of, amongst other stuff, a series of letters (handwritten) with someone who had been closer to the heart back then. Probably didnt think of it very much back then, cos it was at the stage where both of us were embarking on the next stage of teenagehood. Reading the letters brought back smiles and made the packing light-hearted for a moment; the anticipation of discovering the next letter and preserving it for the rest of my life, for posterity, just couldnt be whitewashed, despite the itch and the dust clogging up my respiratory tract. Other gems were "rediscovered" as well - mostly greeting cards and all. Its pretty interesting to note what people had written 10+ years ago - cheerful, sporty (how I must have disappointed those who wrote this haha), etc etc. More interesting is how several different people can come to the same evaluations about you; some had written that I was one who "kept things to yourself.... speak out more..." kinda stuff. Surprised me that I was already showing signs of emo-ness back then already.

And it finally happened - one thing which got me frustrated the whole day was the inability to find the Boss parfum (a recent gift - I'm not even halfway done with it!) and a loaned book. I remembered I had packed it up the last time and put it together with the pile that I had to bring back to the new place, but it's now nowhere to be found. URGH - the pains of house-moving!

Gonna start clearing the "deadweight" - piles and piles of notes/readings and the blah. I REALLY wanna keep everything but I don't wanna risk a termite infestation, nor having to buy any more storage furniture.

Invites will probably have to wait till after March - in the meantime, its back to the ol' daily grind and mill...

Signing off............ *cough* *sneeze* *scratch*.............

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