Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The E-Cloud

I really should be doing Watanabe, or getting some sleep (so as not to be late for work AGAIN) instead. But this has been residing at the back of my mind for some time already.

Recently, I've been thinking, sometimes perhaps too much for my own good. (Haven't I been always like this? Hah.)

Thinking about the journey thus far.

About comparisons. About destiny. About equality. About "belonging" to a place that "isn't supposed to be."

In other words, like "out of my league."

Like how the sun would change its routine - rising from the north and setting in the south (or vice versa) - or like how the new clockwise direction will be the old anti-clockwise direction, or if English is read and written from right to left.

In short, it just doesn't fit.

Or maybe there's no permanent fit. (I almost wanted to type 'Change is the only constant' - which in reality had been a previous slogan - but then there are indeed a few other things in life that are non-variable. Like after-death.)

Does a subscription to destiny equates to a disbelief towards equality?


On a more pragmatic (but still related) note, petrol has hit $2 per litre.

I was wondering if it would hold out till the end of the year.

In the past (maybe even now, for some people), the four-wheeler seemed to be a status symbol, a sign of having come good, a certainty that life is only going to change for the better. Today, it probably means much more than that.

At times, looking at the socioeconomic and political conditions within this
704 km-squared of land mass, I can't help but feel a shift taking place from within.

The ability to own and maintain a vehicle matters no more; instead, if you have the means to leave and resettle, it probably signifies that you have really arrived.

To think that I find this idea scoff-able, un-entertain-able, even repulsive in the not-so-distant past.

Reality is definitely not a constant.

Signing off............. Mad/Rational............

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