Sunday, March 02, 2008

Photoblog entry : Section Outing, Impromptu Supper

Some mouth-watering photos!

First stop - Late, late supper on Fri night/Sat morning @ Holland V Swenson's at the suggestion of a fellow supper kaki (they have gone 24 hours, but the menu's gone oriental - imagine hor fun and mee sua at Swenson's? Earle Swenson would probably jump up from his grave!). Stuck to the perennial fav, sizzling apple crumble, and ordered an All-American Breakfast set (available all-day currently); it comes with real maple syrup (not overly caramelised version that you get for your Macs' Hotcakes) as well as some mushroom with some sort of afredo-like sauce that the supper kaki absolutely went 'gaga' over. Chatted till 5+ before heading for home, by which the skies had opened up...


Section outing was supposed to be cycling @ East Coast. However, due to the excellent prediction and weather-forecasting powers of the 4 trombonists (out of 9) who turned up for the outing, we decided that we should do some cooking and mahjong instead. Cedric volunteered his kitchen, and so off we went to Tampines...

Some of the raw ingredients we had (fresh tomatoes + garlic; chicken; prawns; portobello + button mushrooms):

There was the Master Chef... and then there were the 3 pretenders who 班门弄斧-ed in the kitchen...

Besides volunteering his kitchen, he took most of the photos, plus some of the prep work and quite a bit of the washing. Now, he understands the layout of his kitchen better.

The Master Chef - everyone was simply swept off our feet by her inventory of culinary skills and knowledge. The next ex-co should ask her to conduct cooking classes during band camp for those who can't cook - make these classes compulsory for ladies and optional for men heh.

This one, was kind of a late bloomer - she came in during the latter part of the prep. stage. She did all she could though - 101% for effort.

Picture-perfect pose with a picture-perfect smile.

She can have a new 'sideline' (don't bother being a tutor to kids whose parents are hyper-insecure) - being the perfect advertisement spokesperson. Anyone who has products to advertise (especially yummy food), please look for this Beng, or you sure regret.

More photos during prep and cooking:

I kinda like this photo, cos it shows 3 ppl kinda in the same position doing something, with each of us roughly about the equidistance from the next person to the left/right. My one and only grudge - that it shows my butts "sweating." As if they can.

Photos of the finished products. Besides the pasta, the other dish was the brainchild of JY - cheddared oven-baked prawns stuffed with garlic. Totally mouth-watering and appetising!

Four ultra satisfied trombonists = quite successful "outing." Now, if only I had won at mahjong...


Went for NTU band concert. It has come to a point where the sole purpose for attending concerts is to support the (few) people whom you know and are playing in the band. No more chance meetings with not-too-long ago Ah4 Gao4 Liao4 bandies whom you "scaled the high mountains and dived down the oily seas" with, because those people have left the "scene" (another sign of a desparate attempt to deny the aging process - by associating with the younger generation). The you-know-so-and-so-last-time-from-school-X bits seemed remote and distant, the flowers and balloons all seemed yesteryear and over-the-top. A sign perhaps?

Signing off............ The long and short of it all..................

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