Friday, February 29, 2008

Once in 4 years

After 5 consecutive nights in school (a record), I'm finally back home.

On a 29th Feb.

Abstract's submitted; notification of acceptance will come 2 weeks later, around 15th March. So many things gona happen on that day.

This Friday is a lil' different. Just came back from
Prince of Wales, a watering hole cum backpackers' hostel smacked in the middle of Little India - the Lounge Lizards were trial-playing two sets for the evening.

The owner seems very impressed with the guys (and gal) - was singing praises during the break and after the whole gig. Watching the guys strut their stuff was pretty enjoyable, plus I must say, it was a pretty splendid mix of songs they played which must have had impressed the owner. Plus, the beer was awesome -
Newcastle Brown Ale was smooth and ice cold, which is the most important thing for me when it comes to downing those "fermented barley."

Some photos of the evening:

The bands performing this week @ POW. Taken in the Gents.

A closer look at the band's photo on the poster.

Was seated at the back during the first set, cos the front seats were already taken.

Best man on the land; rocked the house down with his slaps and solos.

Best man + Hendri on the drums. The walls were screaming "Where's the Chang?"

Andre (I think) Adrian on the guitar. Some mean solos as well. "Sunny" rocks!

Ken on horns. All I can say is, you rocks. Howern(??) Howen on the keys.

The vocalist for the night was this lady called Tanya.

The rhythm section doin' their stuff.


Realised that I've been doing different stuff from usual every day of this week. It's been refreshing for a change, but its also just as tiring.

Most of the time, it's fun. And most importantly, its extremely enjoyable (though I've lost at Mahjong for the umpteenth time.).

Signing off.............. And here's March................

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