Monday, March 10, 2008


Last Extreme 2/3/4-v-2/3/4 post-prac workout on Friday, I.T. Fair and Kenneth's B-day dinner on Sat.

And then there was

Perfect lovey-dovey shite, but too perfect to be a real story. If it indeed indeed is one (story based on a real-life account), I'm prepared to be truly blown away by the real-life protagonist (the still-alive one).

Japanese ballads can be so emo(tive), even if one knows next to nuts about what the lyrics are proclaiming.

Heavenly Days -
Aragaki Yui 新垣結衣

Ah, I see that
someone has translated the lyrics...


Malaysia is no longer being embarassed by its tiny southern neighbour; indeed it looks like its finally doing what its supposed to have been doing all along - kicking our asses.

In fact, it already had been the case when
KLIA started to trump Changi for a few consecutive years and now, the electorate of Malaysia has been allowed to speak and has spoken.

While such Tsunami-like backlashes on the local ruling party won't be anticipated probably during the next GE or the one after, the way(s) and manner(s) in which the opposition gained their 5 states (NOT that BN didn't lose them, but it really takes a lot to rally political support and votes to your side, especially if you are part of the opposition - ask any non-ruling party member) should be of concern to the State. While its doing a tireless job of trying to secure the mandate to rule, it probably needs to do even more for the next GE, seeing how things had gone wrong for the BN. As part of the bigger effort, I forecast that I will not be needed to exercise one of my basic rights as an NS-serving citizen of the State - for my own good of course - for the next twenty years (which will make it about 4 GEs that will come by and past me during my personal Middle Ages). There could be an unprecedented amount of people who, like me, are not needed to exercise similar rights of theirs as well...

The PAS, DAP, PKP, etc have achieved their primary target; let's hope they fulfill what they promise, else it would just be a temporary power shift. For the WP, SDP and what-have-you, its probably impossible to emulate what the opposition had done up north too soon. The more important thing is to get firmed up on the groundwork.


Year after year, same thing, same (non-)response. But it's gonna be up anyway.

NUS Arts Festival 2008
Intempo 2008 - NUS Wind Symphony Celebrates 40 Years
15th March, Saturday
1700hrs (Duration: Approx. 2hrs)
NUS University Cultural Centre Concert Hall
$13 (fr.
Gatecrash), Special Discount (fr. ME)
Playing Finlandia, English Folk Song Suite (Movement 1), Singapore Premeire of Symphony No. 3: Planet Earth by Johan de Meij.

It will be so ironic should I be forced to miss the performance that day.

Signing off.................... Planning..............

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