Wednesday, March 19, 2008

(19th March 2008) The States Times: Life! (pg 8)

Thanks to LAPD who alerted me to the review!

Signing off.............. This should end the blues...............


  1. Hello! and congratulations on a successful concert!

    As a concert-goer, I was not really that impressed with the music (I agree with Chang Tou Liang on this), but hey, I still think the concert was a really brave one!

    Too bad the photograph provided for the article is not of the current band! It is somewhat amusing to see familiar faces, all of whom have graduated years ago!


  2. Thanks for attending! Hope it wasn't too boring for yourself and those who came with you haha...

    Not sure whether its the music itself that's not impressive, or the playing, but I agree that its something that everyone in the band was both fearful yet filled-with-expectations about, cos its something that no one has had ever ventured into.

    Totally agree about the photograph though - but at the same time, its great that they had used that photo, for NUS Wind Symphony wouldn't have a 40th anniversary without its alumni. You know what, I believe we have a request from one of the pioneers to play Cresent and Five Stars for every concert in future! =D

    Thanks for your support; the band sincerely looks forward for your continued support in years to come, for there are surely more xth anniversaries in future!

    Cheers to you too!