Monday, March 17, 2008


In the end, I made it.

I will put down, in words, how it exactly transpired.


0800hrs (approx.) : Woke up startled - the stuff haven completed yet!

0900hrs (approx.): Ms. Bengx msged me saying she'll be late.

Just before 1000hrs: FINALLY DONE! EXCEPT THAT ONE! Quickly brushed teeth and changed and rushed out, heading for JE.

1100hrs: Reached JE, waited.

1130hrs: Mission accomplished. Took bus home.

1200hrs: Packed for the concert; the army stuff had been packed the previous night.

1230hrs: Ate tapioca chips for brunch; then showered and changed into the green uniform.

1300hrs: Finally I've some time to get down and write the card. Guess this is the only positive thing that came out of the recall. But then, I had to miss lunch with the section...

1345hrs: Done with everything! Laid down on the sofa, waiting, waiting, then zzzzzzz........

1405hrs: Nothing happens...

1415hrs: SMS - "Have you ben activated yet?" Reply - "No leh..."

1430hrs: Call - "Hey you gotten activated already?" Reply - "No wor, like no more already..."

1445hrs: Heck it, go and bath already. Sound-check's starting!

1515hrs: Hair - checked. Parfum - checked. Attire - checked. Stuff - checked. Gonna be late!!!

1530hrs: Where is the cab?!

1545hrs: "Uncle, NUS please..."

1610hrs: Yours truly sashayed onto the concert hall stage, only to find that sound-check's over...
From here on, it's just a whirlwind 3 hours. Think its the first time ever I've played on an empty stomach (baring the tapioca chips). Took alot of photos (by my standard - I think 70% of the people I'd bumped into ended up taking a photo with me upon my request.) and received a fiar bit of chocs, sweets, rose stalks, cards. From what I remember:

Cedric - Rose Stalk
Jieying - Rose Stalk
Michele - Box of 'Secrets'
Giam + Ken + Firdaus - Hoegarden and Guiness
Zheguang - Chocolates
Weixin - Chocolates (though I haven't seen them lol)
Huishan - Card + Homemade cookie (MY LUNCH)
Yokes - Card + Chocs/Candy
Rushan - Handmade Chupa Chips-Flower
Sis + BF - Ricola, and for just being there
Jasmine - Magnet + Card
[Hope I didn't leave out anyone!]

Simply touched by the gestures. Thanks!

The most magical moment - I swear I felt the stage light up and glow when we came in during the final part of Movement 3. Seems like very close to a nirvana moment.

The most comical moment - the cue given to us to move after the end of Earth, the first thing I did was to slump back to the chair, after having adopted 1/3 (or maybe even 1/4) sitting posture for much of the second half. Must have looked hilarious to those sitting on level two.

Oh, and I seen people standing up to applaud the magic at the end of Earth - a pocket or two in the centre, one or two at both sides of the hall.


I think the section is the best thing that has happened to the section in recent times.

Despite getting slugged Left, Right, Centre (eh, that's my name aint it!?), everyone is gelling together and stand up for one another.

Really appreciate the well-wishes (especially those that hope the mobilisation recall would not materialise) and everything.

We even had a(n almost-)full section dinner after the concert! *grins*

能成为长号小组的一分子 = 真幸福!


What's left to say?

Maybe, more direct talk, and less indirect talk?

Sometimes, its more hurtful to learn of hearsays through proxy than via the direct way.

Signing off............... 告诉我,千万别让我,最后一个才知道。。。。。

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