Friday, September 19, 2008

Going down South...

I wish I could have been referring to some erotic novel, but this ain't one.

As the rest of the world brace themselves for a possible meltdown, I'm trying to console myself how I've been treating like a Robert at the Deck during peak periods. The new Indian food stall is attractive enough in terms of novelty, variety and food appearance; customers do deserve a little bit more in terms of speed and attention, as well as the pricing. What's perhaps more disappointing was the Malay food stall of the friendly maciks - I don't mind paying slightly more for Malay food because it seems that that's how it goes everywhere else, but what I'd paid for my most recent purchase took me like a lightning bolt, to say the least. I could probably put it down due to the young, unfamiliar (to me at least) cashier, or the pressure of the lunch crowd 'slam' (knowing it too well), but the latest experiences tell me I should probably head for Chinese economical rice, at least during peak periods, to avoid my unfair share of disappointment.

All's not going down south of course. Two parts of the trilogy gone, and the concluding episode is due on the Singapore F1 GP day (why not Singaporean?). Unlike the first two episodes, the last episode's gonna last an entire day (and some additional expenses in terms of getting a room for 8 of us the night before the big day). It's exciting of course. Roland was telling me about the importance of the formality, that one would not want to regret having not gone through a formality on that grand a scale. And it kinda swayed me over. Of course, it's still a matter or personal choice and/or the wishes of the families of both parties - I guess it goes down to how strong each/both parties feel about the whole thing. Btw, Amara serves good banquet food and quality service, the Legends @ Fort Canning, probably slightly below that of the previously-mentioned.

Ah! The Reds survive their post-international weekend with Rafa's first win against ManU, and then an awesome comeback for StevieG midweek to open Pool's CL account. All it takes to undo every good that came out of those two matches is to get anything less than a win against the newcomers Stoke City (no disrespect, but Pool's highly expected to have a stroll in a park this weekend). Fantasy is total pants though.

[Sidenote: There's a Hulk in the Porto side, and an Aragon in the Standard Liege. Bring on the desserts, gentlemen.]

It all ended up -ffo-, for no reason at all. Of course, it'd been an evening whereby there are quite a few who'd taken quite a bit of stick and endured some untold (because of out of their 'obligations') grievances - they certain deserve a certain amount of recognition and respect. Without losing the macro perspective, however, by the time the everything had been over, it was just all flesh and no spirit. Of course, the subconscious might well be tuned-in all along, but for now, the inner escapist reigns - not that he'd not been around recently anyway. For now, Recoil and Retreat, no Replay.

And the lil' handle of my Chipsmore mug Re-Broke.

Signing off.................. Ending it, as how it should End............

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