Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The search for that "guitar" is elusive for some, easy for others, and eternal for some more.

That "guitar" that others might despise, abhor, reject - but I know what meanings it hold for me.

She proved it - or else we would have been deprived of her folksy and alternative melodies that the masses' ears have greatly welcomed after the tirade of seemingly trash muzik.

What is that guitar?

Sometimes, I yearn for that kind of structured-ness.


Watched another episode of ACI on NatGeo in the wee hours.

Watching the reenactment of Aeroperú Flight 603's last moments had initially filled me with some distraught and bewilderment - how could a descent of nearly 10,000 feet, in 20+ mins, go unnoticed by the pilots?

Naturally, there were a whole bunch of factors involved - a night flight over sea with no visible target of reference, the malfunctioning of various equipment on board, the (mis)information from the Lima traffic control tower (through no fault of the air traffic controller).

Ultimately, it boiled down to a piece of adhesive tape no larger than a regular-sized notebook over the static boards that some ground maintenance crew had forgotten to remove before the flight resumed its journey from Peru to Chile. In short, the tape simply caused the various instruments of the plane to behave weirdly and produce various erroneous messages to both the pilots and the control tower back in Lima, when the plane itself had no major problems. The pilots attempted a 'blind' descent to land back at Lima, realised too late that they were above water, and attempted a late climb back up.

The plane went down into the Pacific half an hour after it had taken off from the Lima airport.

It seemed almost retrospectively prophetic to have caught that show.

Signing off............... 喝一口意识换安眠几分.............

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