Friday, July 10, 2009

Here's Here...

I used to wonder about the attractiveness of PB&J in the West, until recently when I made them myself for the occasional breakfast. Whenever I wake up late, Grandpa will always remind me to go over to my parents' place for my meal before I leave home. Normally I will dunk two cakes of instant noodles in boiling water (one is hardly enough for me since time immemorial), plus a coffee cuppa, but one fine day, I found this jar of Skippy's Crunchy on the dining table. Sick of having instant mee, and interested and curious enough to try out a PB&J; made do with extra packets of the Big M's grape jam (from those Biggy Breakfast sets), the Skippy's as well as adding a slice of processed cheddar cheese (my own idea - that's what a sucker for cheese will do anyways). Since then, I've been having it once or twice a week; now, given the number of times I'd be around at home for breakfast (i.e. painfully few), I will probably count as a convert to PB&J.And what's the point of all this? I've to ponder if I should get some jam cos the grape jam supply has run dry.


Attended Erina's Commencement ceremony in the afternoon. Used to enjoy attending the aftermaths of these ceremonies, the eruptous joy and endless wide grins that one can observe all around. Today however was marred by one screw-up bigger than the Biggest Screw-up Ever. Could have killed myself thousand times over and it would never have made up for it. Hope that the 'official' shots will make up for it.

Goodness, I have lost count the screw-ups there had been. No one but yours truly would have experienced crushing two snails on a wide pavement within 5 minutes.

I'm truly sorry.


June's been the month where everything happens, like what QZ said. Both Kaka & CR07 jumped ship, the US beat the current form team Spain in a competitive match, EMO jumped ship. And then there's the Surprise Party which had been in the works since April, plus those IPT sessions smacked right in the middle of the flu pandemic (yes I've been to Maju and back countless times). Plus the departing of the Moonwalker, which just means that another part of my history bites the dust.

What other surprises await?

Signing off.................. Because you're mine, I Walk the Line..............

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