Wednesday, December 07, 2005

ISM Meeting 5th Dec 2005 & Syntax Dosa Outing 2 6th Dec 2005

Recap No 3:

Monday was the met-up with Prof. Bao; he's quite nice, except for the fact that he raised the sugestion of dropping the ISM in favour of another module. After that, met Dear up, went to JP to walk ard... saw ZX on 187 on our way back. And someone got her Crocs! All to prevent being caught for wearing improper footwear hehe =P

Tuesday morning, woke up late for the Dosa Outing Part II; in the end, Dr. D was later hah... Finally saw Mrs. D + their Bouncing Baby in real life!!! So CUTE!!!! Proceeded to Dosa Corner @ Little India, and its yummy time again! Braved the afternoon heat after lunch to proceed to Bugis Junction. Left awhile later to meet Dear, and for dinner at her place...

I have grown to love thosai....

Signing off....... when will it rain.....

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