Tuesday, July 04, 2006

And we are accused of being apathetic...

I hardly speak on the 'larger' issues.

I read alot on the 'larger' issues though.

Every 'larger' issue, I feel for it, feel for those who will be affected.

Like the hike in cab fares.

Comfort and Yellow-Top cab drivers must be praying that come 6am, 10th July 2006 (why must they choose that day huh?), passengers will not shun their taxis, especially between 7am to 930am.

On the other hand, customers will be hoping that the next empty cab that comes their way will be any cab other than a blue/one with a Yellow top.

Or they will just flock onto the MRTs and buses instead.

True, rising oil prices and all - after all, it is a rarity for commodities to experience a permanent drop in prices - have pushed up operating costs of cab drivers; I have met cab drivers who told me they cannot even have their own off-days or take medical leave, even though they seem to be their own bosses, because they still have to pay for the rental fees of the cab even if they are not driving the vehicles.

From what I know, it costs about $70 +/- a day, the rental fee of a cab.

To take a day off, not only does a cab driver not earn any money, s/he has to fork out $70+ to have a day of rest.

Ultimately, the burden of the price hikes is transferred onto the consumer; but the cab drivers indirectly suffer as well. The company issues the hike, the drivers have to go and compete amongst themselves to get customers.

Who gains the most? Your guess' good as mine.

Hikes are ineveitable, I must agree. Heck, I'm even prepared for the hike in bus and MRT fares, which I believe will be brought up to PTC very, very soon - could be a major talking point come Aug 9, or post-Aug 9, when the festive, nationalistic mood has subsided.

So, dear capitalistic companies, try to do more for the drivers lah.


This story has triggered a response from one of BB's proxies.

This clip is a nic summary - Brown vs The Authority.

Speak up, kena stoned.

Don't speak up, also kena stoned.

"Globalisation would stretch out incomes" - "offer constructive criticisms and alternatives."

I sure hope I can - then perhaps I can be some high-ranked planner in FOM or something, and I probably don't need to take a Loan to study; maybe I will even be spoilt for choice in terms of scholarship offers.

*Bish*. Day-Dreaming again.

Who can empathise with the parents of an autistic child? How effective is means testing? We need to be shown its cost-effectiveness some time down the road.

Though the lift episode was abit too abstract...

Perhaps, the response was abit harsh. After all, some people might indeed have made use of the PP during the GSS, or like me, used it for a trip.

"Distort the truth." I guess you mean distort a particular version of the truth. What is the true truth anyway?

"Alternatives and solutions?" See 6 paragraphs before this.

"It is not the role of journalists or newspapers in Singapore to champion issues, or campaign for or against the Government." Nor anyone else, it seems.

"... no longer a constructive critic, but a partisan player in politics." Somehow, the word "partisan" is used with some negative connotation, for those not following the user's viewpoint. And, how is one able to express one's views, and yet not be able to be seen as taking a stand? Heck, even being neutral is also taking a stand, a stand of seemingly inactive involvement.

Lesson learnt? Fall out of line and one shall be rapped.

Oh, and one more. Satirism is not working anymore...


Forgot to add this in:

Yesterday morning, I woke up to the sounds of someone practising the piano.

Weird, cos I haven't heard anyone playing the piano near my neighbourhood before.

The strains of the hammer hitting the strings - I couldn't really hear the songs being played, but the person playing the piano (the player? OH! The Pianist.) was quite proficient.

How I wish I know how to play the piano...

Signing off................... Unfulfilled dreams................

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