Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Deviation - Attention

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The night before, I was having a chat with a friend. Somehow, the chat topic ventured onto myself...

Friend says:
but u have always given me the impression that u keep a lot to urself

Me says:
yah i do
i admit

Friend says:
either that or u're not very good at expressing urself

Me says:
probably both
i correct myself alot!
so yah. life's a stage!

Friend says:
so u're quite hard to fathom, so don't blame me if I ask a lot

Me says:

I think I'm more of a listener than a talker. This, in turn, is reinforced by a self-belief that my life probably ain't that exciting to talk about (which, in retrospect, seems weird - how did this blog survive for so long huh?).

So, I don't talk alot, especially in large groups (I think).

On the other hand, though I'm abit hard on hearing (slow but gradual deafness?), I can be abit more attentive during conversations.

A lot of things that I have heard, or about myself, I tend not to say or express out. Sometimes, its because some of these matters change over time, in such a way that, if you claim ownership of a certain perspective to them now, it will be impacted onto others; should you change the slant of your perspective to these matters in future, others might still consider your old perspective as the valid one and not recognise your new perspective. A brief analogy: alot of children will remain as kids to their mothers, no matter how old they have grown - summarised from the Tannen book that I had finished reading yesterday. On another note, I've found myself making alot of completely unforgiveable first-impression misjudgements, only to regret it inside me later, the regret turning into torment.

That said, I'm still be happy and willing to share - sometimes it depends on several factors bah... 天时地利人和 already, then can...


Somehow related I guess, is the matter regarding a certain individual.

This individual has requested for certain privileges at a certain blog to be returned to him; he has expressed a desire to negotiate rationally, albeit after shooting some rash "promises" following an infuriating discovery, which itself was not without some valid grounds.

(It's quite a mouthful. But it should be accurate.)

I'm an advocate for non-confrontation (which, sad to say, has backfired on me real bad on some occasions...); as such, I hope there can be some room for a compromise...

WORLD PEACE! - as bimbotic as it might seem, and as cliché as it might sound.

Sometimes, I think I am a real sucker trying to avoid confrontations...

Signing off........... Make peace, not war --> co-existence...........

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