Saturday, July 22, 2006

Jinxed Night, Tired Nights, Acoustic Night

Jinxed Night - 18th July 2006

Has got to be one of my worst nights ever.

Probably started at Coffee Bean - onset of a bad stomach.

Visited the toilet at Buona Vista MRT station - luckily for me, the cubicles were free and relatively ok.

Took the wrong slip road and ended up on the other side of PIE.

Then came out of PIE at the wrong exit.

Made myself looked like a clumsy elephant and spilled soya bean.

What a wreck.


Tired Nights - 19th and 20th July 2006


Nice, but still alot of stuff to br ironed out before next Thurs.

Can't wait for Sanctuary to arrive.


Acoustic Night - 21st July 2006

After leaving the Concert Hall lobby, I had wanted to leave for home.

Checked out the Esplanade Outdoor performance that just started.

It was a 3-man band called Trent - two acoustic guitars and a djembe.

In the end, got hooked and just stayed for both sets.

Set 1: Freefalling - Tom Petty; Ordinary World - Duran Duran; Iris - Goo Goo Dolls; Losing my Religion - REM; Have a nice day - Stereophonics; Unwell - Matchbox 20; Clocks - Coldplay; Stuck in the moment - U2; a John Mayer number; Hotel California - Eagles

Set 2: Come Undone - Robbie Williams; Drops of Jupiter - Train; Cannonball - Damien Rice; Heartshaped box (??) - Nirvana; a Red Hot Chilli Peppers number; Mrs Robinson - Simon & Garfunkel; Breakfast at Tiffany's - Deep Blue Something; Slience is Easy.
Live music rocks. Acoustic rocks.

Wish I could rock the world with acoustic.

Signing off.............. Approach Teh Peng with caution........

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